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Others can be puzzling and give us a good amount of work to solve the.

May 31, Why are leaves dropping from my maple trees? A close examination of leaves on the ground will likely show leaves with only a small portion of their stems (petiole). This leaf drop is caused by the feeding of maple petiole borers, Caulocampus acericaulis.

Petiole borers are small insects called sawflies, which are non-stinging stumplop.buzzted Reading Time: 2 mins. Jan 25, I have a a 50 yr old silver maple whose leaves began falling shortly after sprouting this spring. Small, curled up, brownish, some black spots and the bark appears to be coming off in strips.

There are dead small branches at the outer limbs. From what you have previously said, it sounds like vert. wilt. I’m not sorry as I hate the tree/5(K). Sep 27, Tom, a Davey Tree blog reader, noticed his maple was struggling and reached out to us for help.

Tom asked, “My wife and I have a year-old maple tree in our backyard that has been showing signs of stress.

Sloughing bark that breaks off and reveals dead limbs underneath is often a sign that decay has been happening for quite some time.

The leaves are small, and some of the maple tree. Jul 01, A foliar disease called leaf blister has been common on silver and red maples and their hybrids during the past few weeks. The causal agent is the fungus Taphrina carveri. The disease may go unnoticed until a large number of leaves are severely infected and begin to fall from the tree.

Symptoms include grayish brown-to-black irregularly-shaped. Jul 20, These insect infestations are quite unpredictable, and usually only result in a loss of 25% to 30% of the tree's leaves. Most trees fully recover.

Advertisement I would recommend calling a tree service or a certified arborist to evaluate your tree to make sure your not dealing with a problem that will spread to the other trees.

If your entire tree has lost its leaves, it may have sustained some type of serious root damage. This can be the result of drought, over-fertilizing or over-watering in the fall or spring. Apr 12, Why is my maple tree losing lots of leaves now? You said the leaves were still green when they fall, but the stems looked darkened. There could be several reasons for leaf drop, but the most. With their distinct lobed leaves, brilliant fall color and twisting trunks, maples (Acer spp.) can provide ornamental interest and structure to the home garden.

A maple tree that is developing.