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When to prune your Malden, MA plants, trees, and shrubs? The best time to prune depends upon the plant. Trim early-spring-flowering shrubs right after they bloom. Summer-flowering plants should be clipped in winter or early spring.

For non-flowering plants, trim after new growth has completely formed. You can do light trimming throughout the year. The ideal time to pay attention to your shrubs is during winter since the leaves are long gone and most woody plants are dormant and therefore this is the ideal time to give the shrubs a trim. At Hedge Trimming Guys in Malden, MA you will find out why, what and how to prune the shrubs.

Dormant season is good for trimming the shrubs as one can. Jan 01, Can You Trim Shrubs In The Winter SAVE IMAGE. Pruning Blueberries Step By Step Instructions For More Fruit. SAVE IMAGE. Winter Pruning Master Gardener Program. SAVE IMAGE. Get Ready To Prune Trees And Shrubs In February The Morning Call. SAVE IMAGE. Holly Pruning Find Out How To Trim A Holly Bush.

Feb 03, Yes and no. Yes, you may prune shrubs in the winter if that's when they have their regular pruning schedule. In this regard, the pruning tends to be done in pruning. Beach Plum. Beach plum (Prunus maritima) is a fast-growing, deciduous shrub with an average height of 4 to 7 feet, but can reach heights of 10 to 12 feet in inland, nutrient-rich soils.

The plant, which is native to coastal areas of Massachusetts, is adapted to medium fertility, slightly acidic, loamy, and sandy soils. Feb 01, Late Winter Pruning (January-February) The bulk of shrub pruning occurs in late winter when plants are dormant, just before new growth begins to emerge. This is also a good time to clean up beds by cutting back ornamental grasses and perennials. The ideal time of year to prune trees is when the tree is dormant.

In milder climates, you can trim a tree anytime during the winter while it is dormant. Don’t worry, you can still trim tree branches during the spring and summer months if you need to. And dead or damaged branches can be removed at any time.

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Mar 21, You may have the French lavender cultivar which can be more sensitive to winter damage than other lavenders. The damage could be from a number of causes. Periods of freezing followed by thawing this winter may have caused frost damage or killed some of the branches. Prune the branches back now to where the new growth shoots are starting to show.